25% Discount on Sponsorship Packages for Chamber Members

Offer Valid: 03/31/2023 - 12/31/2023
Get More for Your Marketing Budget
Harford County Living has been around since 2012 providing good positive news and highlighting events, businesses, and more in Harford County. With over 20,000 Social Media Followers and Millions of hits to our websiteas well as our Award Winning weekly podcast, it is understandable why businesses are becoming Sponsors.

Now we have made changes to some of our Sponsorship Levels to also include the Chesapeake Podcast Network (CPN) and Conversations with Rich Bennett (CWRB). CPN is a podcast website featuring podcasts from the Chesapeake Bay area, including Harford County and the rest of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and more. CWRB is 
one of the top 10% most popular shows out of 3,000,000+ podcasts globally and features conversations with people from here and all over the world. Go to Become a Sponsor - Harford County Living and see the different levels.

If you don't want a Sponsorship Level, we now offer advertising on Conversations with Rich Bennett starting as low as $30. Some important facts to consider:
  • Each week, more Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts.
  • 60% of podcast listeners have bought something from a podcast ad.
  • 69% of respondents say podcast ads increase their awareness of products, brands, and services.
  • 81% say they pay attention to podcast ads more than they do to radio, TV commercials, billboards, and even digital ads on social media.

Email richbennett@danben.com to learn more.

Sponsorship Levels must be a 1 Year Agreement that can be paid monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

This Member To Member Deal is promoted by Harford County Chamber of Commerce.