The Aegis & The Record
December 2, 2022
by Tony Roberts

Joanne Presbury of Bel Air is a three-year amputee.  After Presbury, 62, lost her leg to diabetes, her physical therapist referred her to Real Life Prosthetics for a replacement, she said.  Presbury lost all but one of her toes on her right foot, and lost her left leg up to her knee.  She not only found a place that got her to walk like she never lost a leg, but a company that cared about what she wants, she said.

"They do a wonderful job," Presbury said.  "Jonas was there for me.  He worked with me to get me where I am today --- walking and not stuck in a wheelchair."

For more than two decades, Abingdon-based Real Life Prosthetics has prided itself on providing custom-fit prosthetics for its patients while creating a family atmosphere that supports its patients through the adaptive/recovery process.

Jonas Seeberg, owner of Real Life Prosthetics, is a Harford County native who said he saw a need for those requiring prosthetic and orthotic care in the area.  At the time Harford County's population was growing, medical professionals were moving to the area, and hospitals and healthcare centers were expanding, Seeberg said.

"My hope was to establish the first O&P company in the area so people wouldn't have to travel long distances for prosthetic and orthotic care,"  Seeberg said.  "A place where those facing disability can be surrounded by a family of health care professionals who are genuinely concerned about their well-being physically, emotionally and spiritually."

Mountain biker Matt McClusky from Cochranville, PA, lost his left leg 35-years ago due to cancer.  Since coming to Real Life Prosthetics 10-years ago, he's seen an improvement in the way he is able to bike and perform daily tasks.  McClusky, 49, said the company listens to the needs of its patients and tries to make the best-fitting prosthetic based on the patient's activity level.

"Jonas has done a great job listening to what I want," McClusky said.  "Since I have been an amputee for so long and I am very active, I know what I want and don't want in my prosthetics to work."

McClusky hasn't had to return to Real Life Prosthetics because of how well-fitting and durable his prosthetics are.  Real Life Prosthetics created prosthetics legs for walking as well as mountain biking.  After the initial appointments for fitting, there's no need to return because of the qualify of the prosthetic, McClusky said.

"I haven't seen Jonas in close to three-years because he does such a great job to make sure that everything fits," McClusky said.  "Obviously, it takes several appointments to get the fit right, but once it is dialed in, I kind of don't have to come back."

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