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Geotargeting Campaign Management

A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a real geographic location.

We set these in place in order to accurately target your desired audience and tag the cell phone ID as it enters the fence.  Geofencing allows you to specifically target the RIGHT people in your area, based on where they are ACTUALLY spending time. Because by identifying the ideal WHERE, we can reach the right WHO.
Our clients have limited marketing budgets and we understand the importance of reaching your exact target audience. We focus your limited budget on REPEATEDLY reaching the right 5 to 9000 people. For example, let’s say you want to reach soccer moms, we EXCLUDE non-ideal demographics excluding men, children, and non-relevant income levels and deliver your commercial to soccer moms and the soccer moms only. 
When the targeted mom goes home after we’ve tagged her phone, the commercial will spread to all the devices she uses. So, when she’s on her computer surfing the web or using her tablet for social media, your commercial will continue to follow her.  
So what we’ve done here is identified your ideal audience (in this example, it was soccer moms) tagged the moms’ cell phones, and delivered your commercial while the moms use:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Google Display Network
  • Games
  • Apps 
Potential geofences could include:
  • Competitor Geofencing – create a fence around a competitor’s showroom and exclude individuals who are there multiple days in a row (more likely to be employees)
  • Self Geofencing – create a fence around your own storefront in order to have soft follow up touches with potential customers
  • Prospect Geofencing – create a fence around areas where your ideal clients frequent
We can combine these fences with established demographics – this will allow us to omit individuals who have entered the fence, but do not meet our requirements.  We can also connect this to credit card companies in order to appeal to those who have made a specific purchase recently.

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